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Renee (luna) Bebeau is a local artist and curator who is active in the Milwaukee arts community. She is a multi faceted artist who is curious about the life cycles of the natural world and our place inside that realm. Fascinated by the transitional moments in life, she enjoys the processes that occur with the changing cycles. Every medium is fair game for her experimental practice as she explores materials of all kinds. She finds beauty in a crispy, wilted flower bouquet or the contents of her compost container. She lives and works in Riverwest, Milwaukee where she and her husband, Todd Mrozinski share a studio in The Nut Factory. 

Her most recent projects as curator include the Pfister Holiday Marketplace, an annual holiday show inside the historic hotel and The Muse Gallery Guesthouse in Bay View, Milwaukee.


luna shares a studio with her husband Todd Mrozinski who is an artist, writer and teacher

Todd Mrozinski:

self portrait, acrylic and oil, 2012

In nature, light creates the colour. In the picture, colour creates the light. — Hans Hofmann
sacred space studio

sacred space studio

studio 2C is located in the nut factory, (3720 n. fratney st in riverwest). we feel lucky to be in this space with an amazing group of artists! every year in February, there is an open house studio party that's open to the public, one night only. (this year: 2/16/19 6-10pm)

about compost: The process of composting is important to my inner life personally and also for the world and the environment. Being a small part of the solution to the landfill issues we face gives me satisfaction and i enjoy the community aspect of this work. I’m inspired by Kompost Kids and Compost Crusader, local compost organizations

about sigils: a sigil is a symbol that has an intention. made from the letters in a word or sentence and distilled down to a simple abstract form, it is designed to imbue the message into the subconscious of the viewer where it will have a lasting effect.  these sigils began as drawings for a set of tattoo designs and then later became paintings. i can create personalized sigils designed for your intention. please inquire about a commission.  i'm inspired by mark rothko, ellsworth kelly, agnes martin, josef albers, richard diebenkorn

about silhouettes:  the focus of this series is of the human form in silhouette, inspired by a childhood memory of having my silhouette traced.  i'm fascinated by the fact that this one continuous line is enough information to tell us who it is, yet, its simple shape deems it universal at the same time.  this line designates our place and shape in space.  this activity beckons me to explore the shadow side.  the goddess series stems from my fascination with mythology and my desire to connect with these aspects/qualities in myself.  the zodiac series is a visual description of each sign of the zodiac from my 25+ years of study into astrology and human behaviors.

about still life:  as a gardener, i love watching things grow.  tending a garden really lets you see the process and gets you involved with the plants.  flowers are highly evolved entities; they are masters at attracting. their brilliant colors and textures are my inspiration to capture their essence in paint. i love to be with them, gaze at them and learn how to BE from them. i love to cook and as i do, i'm inspired to paint these beautiful and colorful foods.  i'm inspired by cezanne, monet, manet, van gogh, chardin

about food?: my mother had her own graphic art business when i was in high school and i enjoyed working for her doing paste up work and also designing logos.  my father was in the printing business and i helped him collect magazines as they were spit out of the machine.  fonts have always attracted me and so i've been inspired to paint labels of packaged foods.  of course, warhol inspired me with his soup cans, although i enjoy obscure brands and old labels and fonts, ones that haven't changed in's fun for me to peruse the grocery store to see what i will find.